SIA Mikrotikls is a Latvian company which produces networking equipment and software for data network management purposes, internationally known with MikroTik RouterOS and RouterBOARD brands.
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RouterOS software and RouterBOARD routers are widely used to ensure numerous network management tasks in complex ISP and enterprise networks.

Network engineers with a good knowledge in MikroTik RouterOS are being demanded by Internet Service Providers and System Integrators throughout the world. Currently they are trained by MikroTik Training Partners - individuals and companies who are authorized to conduct official MikroTik training courses.

Taking into account that the demand for MikroTik Certified Engineers is constantly increasing, MikroTik is offering higher educational institutions the possibility to organize Networking classes using RouterOS as a learning tool. Students may obtain an internationally recognized certificate (MTCNA) that confirms their academic credentials.

What kind of institutions can apply

  • Universities
  • Technical schools
  • Colleges
  • Vocational schools
  • Other institutions which grant academic degrees in a variety of subjects


  • • Motivation and resources
  • • Space and all the equipment needed for the labs
  • • Appropriate Internet access
  • • MikroTik Academy Trainer*
  • • Approved training materials

Benefit for Students

Opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge in RouterOS and MTCNA certificate during academic studies.

Benefit for Educational Institutions

Opportunity to attract more students by offering MikroTik certification.

How to apply

Fill out the online application form

MikroTik offers

  • Course outline
  • Certification test
  • Equipment (RouterBOARD routers) for the class
  • Support and information

*Requirements for Academy Trainers

  • Lecturer at the educational institution
  • MTCNA certificate (score at least 75%)
  • Any engineer level MikroTik certificate (score at least 75%).

**Appointed Coordinators

  • MikroTik Certified Trainers who are supervising the implementation of MikroTik Academy program.

Evaluation procedure
(performed by Appointed Coordinators or MikroTik)

  • Validation check of the educational institution
  • Verification of the Academy Trainer:
    • Status at the educational institution
    • Presence of required certifications
  • Verification of training materials
  • Verification of students

More information available at mikrotikacademy.com